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All life we ​​make choices. Every moment. Most choices we make, we can redo. But the choice to abort or carry a pregnancy can not be done again. Therefore, this is especially difficult for some. But actually there are made a lot of decisions before we get that far. What influences our choices? Might it be a mix of our own attitudes and external influences?

Social expectations

From the moment we are born there are expectations. Expectations about how we should behave, etc. If there are very strong constraints, it can be difficult to find out what to do, what is right for you. It is difficult to make independent choices.

We do not always make decisions based on a clean slate. Many things happen that can affect the situation. Below are figures from a survey on sexual harassment and intoxication.

Survey on sexual harassment

According to a survey made by Norstat for Russens organisasjonskomite, nearly half of all girls between 15 and 20 years have had unpleasant sexual experiences.

Young people experience sexual challenges in many areas

Many people experience sexual harassment at private parties. 45% of girls and 21% of boys have experienced that their sexual boundaries were violated. 43% of girls and 28% of boys have regretted a sexual experience. The school, sms, night clubs and the Internet are also venues for unwanted sexual advances.

Substance abuse and sexuality

• 84% of teenagers have experienced discomfort because of others’ use of alcohol.

• 47% say they have been exposed to unwanted sexual attention.

It is easier to find excuses for having gone too far when one is intoxicated.

Decisions we make

Below is a simple illustration of some of the choices that lie ahead of a pregnancy. Do you recognize this?




Half of all young people experience stating boundaries as difficult.

  • Does the numbers match with your experience?
  • When do you feel that your physical limits are being challenged?
  • What makes it so difficult to set limits?

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