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There are many who are tasked to advise on contraception and sexuality. All municipalities have public health services and many have health services in the schools. Some citys also have their own clinics for youth. It is only Amathea Foundation whose main task is to give counseling to those who have become unintended pregnant. They also follow up women and men who experience reactions after an abortion, and they arrange antenatal classes for women who expect to be alone in primary care for the child.

Amathea Foundation has 13 county offices and a nationwide telephone service.



Several other organizations are also offering counseling and conversation:

  • www.suss.no Center for teen health, relationships and sexuality. Nationwide telephone assistance run by health professionals.
  • www.unghelse.no Information Page and help programs for youth. Here you may address issues related to sexuality, contraception and unwanted pregnancy. Powered by the Health Directorate and Nordland.
  • www.klara-klok.no Site where you may ask questions and get answers from a wide panel of experts. The answers will be posted on the website within a week. Powered by the Health Directorate and Nordland.
  • www.ung.no Facts and supplementary material about youth.
  • www.samliv.net Information Page about sex and relationships for young people.
  • www.korspåhalsen.no Cross my heart is driven by the Red Cross and is a site where you may discuss with other young people, about topics such as boyfriends, sex and relationships. It gives young people the opportunity to support each other, tips and advice.
  • www.sexogsamfunn.no Sex and Society, a former clinic for sexual enlightenment. Primer guidance in Oslo schools, but they also answer telephones and e-mails from all over the country.
  • www.dixi.no DIXI is working to help rape victims and their families.


  1. Do you have any experience with sites where you can get information about sex, relationships, contraception and pregnancy?
  2. Young people are using various interactive medias to flirt and establish contact with others. This applies to chat, msn, social medias, talks with mobile, text messaging, transmitting photos and video via cell phone and webcam. Many start their emotional and erotic experiences through the Internet. Can this be compared to your experience?
  3. Do you think young people today are more confident about themselves and their sexuality because of the opportunities on the Internet? Do you know of cases where the Internet has had a negative influence?


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