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  • Who can I talk to?
  • Who should I talk to?
  • Who do I wish to talk to?
  • Who do I have to talk to?

Talking to the closest ones

Sexuality is an area that even the adults can have difficulty talking about. It is equally difficult for young people to imagine their parents’ sex life, as it is for the adult to identify with the young people. Adults often focus on contraception, STDs and pregnancy, but few dare to mention that this can be a part of ​​life with pleasure and enjoyment. Sexuality is about closeness, solidarity, good feelings, to be something positive for another person – to be part of something greater than themselves. Many generations of taboos have made this a difficult topic to be open about. Different cultures have different norms and boundaries for what is allowed.

Who needs to know?

Are you over the age of 16, you choose whether you want to inform your parents about the pregnancy. If you are below the age of 16, a parent needs to be informed if it is to be carried out an abortion. There are exceptions to this rule. If you are between the ages of 12 and 16, the doctor do not need to inform the parents if there are particular reasons for that. The law states that the woman has the right to choose whether she wants an abortion. She also has the right to receive information and counseling.


Consider for yourself:

• Who can I share this with?

• Who can I trust?

Discuss with another:

• What happens when you try to share with friends?

• Do the boy need to know?

• Do parents need to know?

• Why is it so difficult to talk about sex with parents?

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