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The boy might be very surprised when finding out that the girl is pregnant. Suddenly, he may look at himself with new eyes.



A common reaction may be denial. The act of not wanting to look the reality in the eyes: “This could not have happened. Surely it will pass. ”

Common reactions to both boys and girls


If you are unplanned pregnant, anything may initially feel unreal and shocking. “It can not be true.”  It’s easy to blame one self for having ended up in such a situation. It is easy to be wise after the event: “How could I forget the contraception?” “Why did I let it get that far?” Perhaps you feel guilt and shame and do not know who you can share this with.


Eventually you will realize that the pregnancy is a fact. For both the boy and the girl, this is an important recognition. It’s no longer possible to make excuses or deny what has happened. Now the focus can be on the specific situation both are in.


“What shall we do now?” From here it’s about the choice and making a decision that feels right for you.


Questions to the boys:

How would you react if you found out that the girl you had been with, had become pregnant?


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