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Becoming a parent at a young age is a major upheaval in your life. Many may have experience with infants through baby-sitting jobs and siblings, and have naturally developed an interest in young children. Being the parent of a child is still different. It can provide much warmth and joy, playfulness and enjoyment. But it is also a large responsibility that lasts a lifetime. If you become a parent as a young teenager, it’s very important to have support from your surroundings.

There are various financial aids and benefits for those who have children, and special contributions for those who are alone with childcare. You may get more information at the doctor or at Amathea Foundation. NAV (www.nav.no) have information-pages about this in English.

Child support

The child’s father is obligated to pay child support if the girl chooses to keep the child, and they do not live together. This applies regardless of whether he would wish that the girl had an abortion. Payment of child support begins when the father starts working, and is to be paid until the child turns 18 years.

Financial support

Financial aid varies depending on whether the parents are living together or the girl has the responsibility alone. Here are a few different schemes:

  • Pregnancy benefit (maternity / adoption benefits)
  • Lump-sum grant on birth or adoption
  • Transitional benefit
  • Cash benefit for parents of infants
  • Child benefit
  • Housing benefit


It is not only financial support that is needed for a newly established family or a young mother to survive. Equally important is the support from family and friends or other contacts.


  • Search online and find out what financial aid you might get if you came in such a situation.
  • Is it fair that the boy should pay child support when he himself wanted the girl to choose abortion?
  • Who do you think should take the largest part of the responsibility for an unconsidered action by two parts?


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