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Signs of pregnancy:

  • You do not get your period
  • You can become nauseated and throw up in the morning
  • The breasts may grow and become tender
  • The stomach grows
  • You urinate more frequently
  • You may feel more tired

Pregnancy Test

The tests may be purchased at pharmacies and some supermarkets. Be aware of the durability and expiration date. You may also take a pregnancy test at the doctor’s office, the health center and at all Amathea offices. A pregnancy test shows with 99% certainty whether you are pregnant or not. The earliest time such a test can be taken, is the first day after your period is due. A pregnancy test is simple to use, and is usually followed by a good manual. It usually takes only a few minutes before you can read the result.

If the test is positive


If you wish to complete the pregnancy, you should see your doctor, a clinic or midwife service for further action.


If in doubt whether you would like to complete or abort the pregnancy, contact an adult in which you trust and want to talk to. Foundation Amathea, health clinics and the doctor may also be relevant interlocutors. Pregnancy testing, condoms and counseling are free at all Amathea Foundation’s offices.


If you want to have an abortion, please contact your doctor or nearest hospital.


Question for girls:

How do you think you would react if you got a positive pregnancy test?


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